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Ask Your Doctor

1. I am a woman (35) suffering from cough for the three months. The problem seems to aggravate in my office.
Ans- Cough in the office can have many causes such as – an allergy to carpets, exposure to the air-conditioning, stuffy atmosphere, etc. You have not specified any of the above. Cough for 3 months continuously also may require proper investigations such as a routine blood test to check for Eosinophilia or a high ESR and a straight X-Ray of the chest. Please take Hepar Sulph 200 twice daily for 2 weeks. If there is no relief please consult a doctor regarding investigations.
2. I am 36.I have been suffering from ulcerative colitis for the past four years. My house physician prescribed a few medicines which didn't help at all. What shall I do?
Ans- If you have been suffering from Ulcerative Colitis for 4 years, your house physician is hardly likely to take it so casually as to “prescribe a few medicines ….”! There is a definite well tested maintenance therapy for your problem in allopathy which includes drugs such as Salazopyrine and Mesacol etc. If you are on this drug we will need to continue them and tapered them off slowly. For a start, please take Carbolic Acid 6X in liquid form, 2 drops a dose, four times a day. Please consult a local Homeopath, as this disease requires proper monitoring.
3. I am 55 and have Cirrhosis of the liver. Last month I vomitted a few drops of blood. I have also been passing black stool. Please advise.
Ans- Cirrhosis of the liver is definitely not a disease to be treated casually on a newspaper column!! This is a serious condition and requires proper consultation and a good Homeopath on your locality. Bleeding in cirrhosis of liver can result from ruptured esophageal varices or hemorrhoids. In your case the bleeding is from the upper part of the GI tract, my bet would be that is from esophageal varices. You may temporarily take Ferrum Phos 3X and Arsenicum Album 3 – one dose every three hours alternately during the bleeds but please do not treat the matter lightly and get proper medical attention!

4 .I am a 45-yr-old man. Last yaer an endoscopy of my food pipe revealed an erosion in the lower stomach. Following a doctor's advise I took some alopathic drugs. I still have a burning sensation in the food pipe. What's wrong? Please advise.
Ans- Gastric erosions are very well treated by Homeopathy. Please improve meal times ie. take regular meals and take normal diet with spice and chillies and no the bland boiled diet that doctors often advise. To repair the erosions and improve the burning sensation in your food pipe please take -  Arsenicum Album 3, twice daily and Lycopodium Clavat 200, every alternate morning. Arsenic Album 3 may be repeated incase there is burning as an SOS medicine too. Please take for 3 months for complete recovery.
5. I am a 30-yr-old man. In the last six months, I have lost three kilos. I have also lost appetite. No medicine has worked. Can you suggest a way out?
Ans-  Loss of weight can be due to many factors and you have not been very detailed about what the possible cause can be. For a start, you should consult your local doctor who will probably suggest some investigation to determine the cause of your weight loss and loss of appetite. Just off hand, you may take Chelidonium Majus 6x, twice daily which will help with improving your appetite thus stem your weight loss. Though this will help, knowing the cause will help more to cure you in the long run.

6. I am 64, suffering from varicose veins and ulcers since 1980. It was operated in  May 1992. Steroid cream had no tangible effect. It cured for the time being, please advise me.
Ans- Varicose veins and resultant avascular ulcers that result from it are a very difficult problem to handle with any school of medicine. The ulcers resulting from a lack of circulation in the tissues are often very painful and have a crippling effect on the unfortunate patient. People who have standing jobs – such as teachers or homemakers (standing and cooking) are at risk from this condition. Conventional medicine has hardly any effect on these cases and surgery is usually recommended, which is often of little use. Homeopathically, depending on the severity of the case, we prescribe the following, which will be of benefit to you – Hamamelis Verginica 200 + Arnica Montana 3 taken together twice daily, Hypericum 200 + Arsenicum Album 200 taken together twice daily. Please try for three months and see.
7.  I suffered cerebral attack in 2003 and is now recuperating. My left side was Affected. Now I have recovered a little bit. Is there any homeo medicine you can suggest which can help me totally recover me from left side?
Ans-  Cerebral attacks or Cerebro – Vascular Accidents (CVA) are usually a result of either a hemorrhage, embolism of infarction in the arteries of the brain. An accident in the left brain usually causes a paresis in the right side of the body and vice versa. Maximum improvement usually takes place within a month of the episode and all improvement usually stops within a year. The residual paresis usually persists and no further recovery takes place after that. Homeopathically, we have treated many cases of this condition after the one year period with varying degrees of further recovery. Please try the following – Rhus Tox 30 + Arnica Montana 3 taken together twice daily, Lachesis 200 every alternate morning for a period of three months and report to your local homeopath.

8. I am a 38-year-old woman. I don’t have severe dandruff, but I am still turning  Bald. What could be the problem? Please suggest me some remedy.
Ans- Causes of baldness are many and most often it has nothing to do with dandruff. Baldness mostly is caused by a disturbance in the hormonal patterns of the body. Different patterns of baldness result from disbalance in different hormones and addressing the imbalance can often help the problem. Homeopathically, we have some good medicines for hair loss – please try Ustilago 200 once daily and Sepia 200 twice a week.
9. I am a 60-year-old man. After drinking water, I feel such a strong urge to urinate That I cannot hold the bladder. X-ray of the abdomen revealed nothing. My doctor says the prostrate gland is fine, but there is a problem in the urinary tube. Is there any homeo remedy?
Ans- Urge incontinence of urine can happen due to a myriad of reasons but are more common due to a weakness / dysfunction in the sphincter (valve) of the urinary bladder. This causes the valve to “give way” as soon as the bladder fills to a certain level. Other reasons for the incontinence of urine include an irritability of the bladder wall muscles. Anyway please try the following. Medorrhinum 200 alternate morning, Cantharis 200 twice daily and observe.
10. My father 56 has been suffering from a persistent low-back pain for the last two Months. X-rays and ultra-sonogram have revealed no anomaly. But no medicine has been effective. My father has no other health problem. Could you suggest a remedy?
Ans- Diagnosis of the cause of low back pains are often elusive and due to this their treatment by allopathic medicines is usually done in a general way by the use of painkillers etc. Homeopathically, we have good medicines to help and the following will surely benefit him. Please give - Symphytum 200 twice daily, Hypericum 200 twice daily and Arnica Montana 1000 ( 2 drops in water) once in a week for month and see.

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